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It is possible to purchase all currently available materials of the TRAINING PROGRAM ON THE TEACHINGS OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI in different languages on website: in the online shop of individual entrepreneur GRIGORII GRABOVOI PR KONSALTING TECHNOLOGIES OF ETERNAL DEVELOPMENT and on website of company EHL DEVELOPMENT KFT.
Price of all currently available materials in different languages obtained by summing the price of materials is 10280 euros. At that price of 10280 euros materials can be purchased on a USB flash card from the individual entrepreneur GRIGORII GRABOVOI PR KONSALTING TECHNOLOGIES OF ETERNAL DEVELOPMENT and from company EHL DEVELOPMENT KFT.
To purchase a USB flash card you need to send an application to the e-mail of an individual entrepreneur or e-mail of company: , .

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Device of Grigori Grabovoi for development of concentrations.

After each webinar, conducted by Grigori Grabovoi from 25 to 30 January 2016, he will provide information on successful tests of the device of development of concentrations “PRK – 1U”.

The listeners will learn about the development of concentrations, which provide eternal life, with the help of the device according to the following controls:
Control 1:
Development of concentrations of eternal life for any event.
Control 2:
Development of concentrations of eternal life for controlling clairvoyance.
Control 3:
Development of concentrations of eternal life for controlling forecasting.
While controlling for controlling forecasting a goal should be set to develop, with the help of the device, consciousness and spirit so that in the long term you will be able to use only the developed spirit and consciousness without the device.
Control 4:
Development of concentrations of eternal life for rejuvenation.


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The company “EHL Development Kft.” announces the start of training on “Introductory course of educational “PROGRAM OF TRAINING THE TEACHINGS OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI”", approved by Grigori Grabovoi in 2006 and supplemented by him.

This Introductory course is an integral part of the educational program “TRAINING THE TEACHINGS OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI” and intended for formation of the system integral perception of Grigori Grabovoi`s Teachings “On Salvation and harmonious development” as an educational system that allows people regardless of their age, educational level, religion and social status through mastering the knowledge of the laws of reality development, to learn the technologies of eternal life and harmonious development.
Students of the course in the process of training, obtain knowledge of basic fundamental laws of events control that ensure eternal life and harmonious development, and practical skills that are necessary for the accurate transfer of the Knowledge of Grigori Grabovoi`s Teachings. This knowledge is necessary for all the sub-licensees and disciples of Grigori Grabovoi`s Teachings when conducting seminars on this course, giving lecture topics on the sections of the Teachings, holding practical trainings on technologies and methods of the Teachings.

The schedule of the courses can be found at the following link.

Applications for participation in the training on “Introductory course” and receiving additional information on the conditions of participation can be requested at the following e-mail address:,

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We receive questions from users if some individual sub-licensees of “EHL Development Kft.” have exclusive rights.

We would like to inform that until now all sub-licensees of “EHL Development” have been granted equal rights to use the trademarks and for the publication of G.P.Grabovoi`s works in organizing and holding seminars, conferences, courses, etc.
No exclusive rights to any sub-licensee have not been given, including the areas of dissemination of G.P. Grabovoi`s Teachings.
In addition, sublicense agreements specify that the sub-licensees do not have the right to grant sublicenses to third parties.
The list of our sub-licensees can be found at the following link.

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Legal entity “EHL Development Kft.” according to the 12 class of registered trademarks GRABOVOI® and GRIGORI GRABOVOI® produces intermediary activity on sales of electric cars. Applications can be sent by e-mail:

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In connection with the preparation for participation in the program of development of new technologies of spacecrafts motion, legal entity “EHL Development Kft.” recruits a set of both legal entities and individual persons according to the type of activity “spaceships” of the12 class of the registered trademarks GRABOVOI® and GRIGORI GRABOVOI® .
The activity according to the 12 class of the indicated trademarks is carried out with the mastering by specialists of the methods of forecast-oriented techniques creation on Grigori Grabovoi technologies.
Practical results of forecasting of techniques state are given in the first volume of 3-volume edition “Grigori Grabovoi. The Practice of Control. The Way of Salvation“. Mastering of ways of practical results achievement allow to execute the elaboration on basis of the forecast information on techniques functioning.
Methods and principles of production of new equipment of the eternal development are set out in patents and scientific publications of Grigori Grabovoi and are given on the website
Applications can be sent to e-mail:

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Legal entity “EHL Development Kft.” according to all classes of registered trademarks GRABOVOI® and GRIGORI GRABOVOI® given in the catalogue “Trademarks” produces intermediary activity. Customers according to all types of activities defined in the classes of trademarks may send applications by e-mail In accordance with the requests the contractors will be selected. For the purpose to implement the technologies of ensuring the eternal life for everybody, realized by the trademarks GRABOVOI® and GRIGORI GRABOVOI®, the customer and the contractor are provided with individual methods on a class of a trademark, in accordance with the activity.

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The Bar Association «Trepashkin and Partners» on the basis of a license agreement with “EHL Development Kft.” carries out the activity on the class 45 of the trademarks GRABOVOI® and GRIGORI GRABOVOI® consisting in providing legal services and consultations to persons residing in the territory of the countries of the European Union.
Questions may be sent by e-mail at:
Questions will be directed to the Bar Association «Trepashkin and Partners» for resolution.