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New results using Grigori Grabovoi’s technologies


Testimonial the result obtained using Grigori Grabovoi’s technologies with the application of the device PRK-1U.

On October 26, 2016 at 7:30 pm my blood pressure was suddenly high and read 190/110. It felt like there was a lump in my throat and I got scared.
On advice of N, a friend of mine, I started watching the part of the video on the computer made during my testing of the device PRK-1U where the device was turned on.
I visualized a sphere 5 cm in diameter in front of me – 20 cm from my chest – and put the aim of control inside it: norm of my arterial blood pressure, norm of my heart function and norm of my overall condition for ensuring eternal life to myself and to all. Then I visualized the numerical series for hypertensive crisis: 5679102 and the numerical series for normal heart function: 1289435 inside the sphere. I mentally sent a silver-white ray through this little sphere towards the device PRK-1U and visualized this sphere with my information in it turning counter clockwise from the small lens to the big lens.
While working with the device I began to feel a slight vibration in my body. A few minutes later I started yarning, and with that came a feeling of calm. In 20 minutes I checked my blood pressure, the reading was 160/90.
The lump sensation in my throat was gone.

Zhanat S.
October 26, 2016

* * * * *

Testimonial the results obtained using Grigori Grabovoi’s technologies combined with PRK-1U.

On October 17, 2016 at about 11 pm I went out to walk the dogs. Their names are Dunyashechka, and Dolphinchik. They are two large dogs.
During the webinar conducted by Grigori Petrovich that same day, on October 17, the dogs had been with me, quietly listening to the webinar. They know Grigori Petrovich’s voice.
Well, during the walk, Dunyashechka badly injured her right hind leg. The maple leaves under her paws were literally flooded with blood. I knew that I would not be able to carry my dog home – she was too heavy, besides there was no one to leave Dolphinchik, a sheepdog, with. Immediately the technology given that day by Grigori Petrovich at the webinar, namely the second method, came to mind. In my mind I stated the goal: “The bleeding has stopped.” I also said a numerical series 2145432, a numerical sequence for resurrection, and the words ‘Resurrection, Restoration’. I didn’t specify what exactly Dunyashka’s problem was, or what exactly was bleeding, it was just in the back of my mind. My control was very speedy. In front of me I formed a sphere of thinking and a little further, behind it, I formed a sphere of the aim of control into which I inserted the aim: ‘the bleeding has stopped’. Immediately, from the sphere of thinking in front of me I sent out two rays: one – directly into the sphere of the aim of control and the other, the left ray – first went through PRK-1U and then went, as did the first ray, into the sphere of the aim of control. In my mind I spun my thought counterclockwise from the smaller lens on top of the device to larger ones and then, remembering the wording of the control given by the Author, connected the two rays inside the sphere of the aim of control. And that was all I did. I would like to note that I did all this in a wink. It can be compared with a car on the highway moving towards your car at high speed, and you have to make an instant decision. Then I took the dogs home. Dunyasha was leaving a bloody track on the pavement, on the steps, inside the building; there was caked blood in the elevator which took us to the 6th floor. At home, my husband and I washed the wound with cold water and cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide. I was keeping an eye on the dog – there was no blood. I went to wash off the blood left in the elevator and in the building, and when I came back my husband said that the blood had stopped. In my mind, I sent a thousand thanks to Grigori Petrovich for his Teachings, for the technologies and for the device. On October 18 at 6 a.m. Dunyashka was jumping on three paws, at 12 p.m. Dunya was running and jumping on all four of her paws as if nothing had happened; the wound was not bleeding.
When at home after the afternoon walk with the dogs, I started wondering, when exactly the bleeding started to wane.
In the bathroom we have a cotton floor mat and there was a little blood on it, hardly visible. It meant that the bleeding had stopped before the dog jumped into the bathtub, i.e., within 5-6 minutes.

Olga P.
October 17, 2016

* * * * *

Testimonial the result attained using The Sphere of God technology of Grigori Grabovoi.

The starting date of my concentrations was October 12, 2016. The desired goal was attained on November 28, 2016.

In October 2016, we had our 3-room apartment vacated, and thus had an opportunity to rent it. I knew that the task of renting out an apartment, being physically demanding, also required serious attention and involved certain material costs. Before renting the apartment it was necessary to renovate it.
Having acquired certain experience in practicing G. Grabovoi technologies to harmonize and normalize events, I decided, in order to fulfill my objective quickly and harmoniously, to use the technology called The Sphere of God. In my notebook I wrote down the date and the time of the start of my work as well as the aims of control. They were as follows:

1. The 3-room apartment, at the address…, is renovated and prepared for rent for fair rental price in the most harmonious way and within the shortest time possible. Harmonious communication with all the participants of this process. Ensuring eternal life to myself and to all.
2. The 3-room apartment, located at the address … is rented by nice, decent people on the most favorable terms; the rental price is … starting December 1, 2016.

To both aims of control I added the following numerical sequences: 13957191_2 – a unique control system; 17981 – multiple result enhancement; 1888948 – control enhancement.
I wrote down the controls on October 21, 2016, at 11:25pm and 11:45 pm. From that day on every morning I was performing the controls. That’s how I was doing it:

1. I formed 2 spheres in front of me: a sphere of the Aim of control (AOC) and a golden sphere of God. Into the sphere of the Aim of control I mentally inserted the formulated aim of control and the aforementioned numerical series. Then I mentally put the sphere of the Aim of control (AOC) into the sphere of God, the centers of both spheres coincided, – now they had one mutual center. Then I spun them at the speed of 10 -17 sec., focusing on the spheres for several minutes and lighting the AOC sphere with silver-white light from the heart region. Every day I wrote down the starting time and the duration of my concentration into my notebook. Concurrently, I was taking care of the renovation process and of all that it involved. …

I added an additional numerical sequence 591  718 9181419 to harmonize the communication with the workers.      When the renovation of the apartment was close to completion, I began working on finding tenants. … I contacted three realtors. and was using the aforementioned numerical sequence – 591 718 9181419 – to harmonize my communication with all of them.

As far as I know a 3-room apartment is harder to rent than a one- or two-room apartment. And also, it is often the case that when a 3-room apartment is shared by several families or by several different persons, it is potentially fraught with problems among the apartment mates as well as with tenant’s negligence towards the apartment. But for me everything worked out very well: the Residential Lease Agreement was signed on November 28, 2016 with a family, consisting of parents and two adult daughters – citizens of the Russian Federation. All four had college degrees and a decent job, were friendly, – that was specified in my control: to find tenants that were nice. The Lease Start Date was December 5, 2016. The apartment keys were handed over on December 1, 2016, i.e. on the date specified in my control. The rent amount also matched the one specified in my control.
Thus, owing to my control it took me one month and one week to attain my goal.
I am grateful to Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi for the unique technologies that helped me attain my objective harmoniously for all the parties concerned and within a short time.

Irina P.
Moscow, Russian
December 3, 2016

* * * * *

Testimonial the results obtained using Grigori Grabovoi’s methods.

1. A year and a half ago my father lost his job. None of us expected such turn of events. At the time I had limited experience in performing concentrations; I had just started learning how to use numerical sequences. I started working with the number sequence for UNEMPLOYMENT – 318514517618 from the book “The Numbers for Successful Business” by G. Grabovoi. I concentrated on the sequence at 10 pm for about 10 minutes, visualizing a sphere in front of me with the sequence inside it, each digit lit up and glowing with silver-white color. The aim of control was to find a high-paying job in a good, preferably foreign, company with nice people.

During the concentration I was keeping in mind my dad’s situation, but perhaps due to my lack of experience I somehow shifted the focus of the concentration, like in the song performed by Alla Pugacheva about a wizard-smatterer, – and on the following day I received four phone calls with job offers! Not for my dad though, but for me. The companies were well-regarded (such as, for instance, Uzbek-Korean Bank). But it was not ME who needed the job, so I declined the offers. What amazed me was that:
1. The result was instantaneous –right on the following day after the concentration.
2. Those who called me got my contact information from old, disused databases (some travel agency dug it out from my resume sent three years before and totally forgotten).

When I was doing my next control for my dad, I was more specific about who needed the job and for whom I was working. I was visualizing a positive outcome for my father. Soon he found a job, though the effect was not as strong as in my case. May be it was because I was overly attached to the result.

2. Summer 2016. An instant result in a critical situation.

One day my friend and I were sitting on a bench by a building. There were no people around. Suddenly we heard growling and barking which were getting louder, and a big dog came up closely to the bench we were sitting on. The dog was clearly in a bad mood: it looked at us barking. We froze. I did not have time to get scared, and, just to be safe, said out loud:
98 98 555 98 98. I automatically said this numerical sequence since I normally used it for protection in different situations. That very moment the dog lost all interest in us – it turned and walked away.
I don’t know if the dog would have attacked us if I hadn’t said that number sequence. We could not enter the building – the entrance door was locked and the street was empty, there was absolutely no one around. I was impressed by the instantaneous effect of my control.

3. Finding an apartment, August 2016

I came to an unfamiliar city, densely populated, where it’s a hard task to find an apartment. I had only four days to find something suitable. In the meantime I was staying at a hotel. My experience has taught me that any aim, even a trifling one, should be spelled out in detail. So I defined the problem: to find an apartment, within the shortest time possible, in the very center of the city, close to the university. I was using the numerical sequence to get a 100% result; wrote down all my desired preferences: the rental price, good location with a lot of stores and supermarkets, a nice and trustworthy landlord, the apartment mates are friendly, clean and neat. I specified the floor – the first floor was a must,- with a window facing a garden and greenery; high ceilings in the apartment, a cozy kitchen, the appliances are in good working order.
I performed concentrations for three days several times a day. I was not only visualizing the sphere, but was putting a glass of water on my written preferences and number sequences. After performing a control I would drink the water. The third apartment I came to see turned out to be the right one. It had everything I desired, even 5 meter ceilings, a little garden seen through the window and nice apartment mates. I’m certain that my controls worked perfectly well and helped a lot, since I was hearing times and again the stories coming from my new apartment mates and other students about tedious apartment searches lasting for weeks, when they had to see dozens of apartments before finding a suitable one.

Nafisa M.
12 Jan. 2017

* * * * *

Testimonial the result obtained using Grigori Grabovoi’s technologies.

One day in July 2016at 6:30 am I was in a nearly empty subway car – 5 people at the most scattered randomly. On one of the stops an angry looking young man of around 30 walked in. His behavior was very weird: he was throwing his arms about, angrily and loudly talking to himself. He was clearly a foreigner: his features were different and his skin color much darker. Out of all the seats available he chose the one right by me. He was very restless, could not sit still. I did not take my eyes off the book I had been reading and thought: “I won’t move to another seat.” I visualized him inside a silver-white sphere and silently said: “This is the sphere of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. This man’s behavior is normal. The atmosphere in the car is normal.” Then I put the numbers 14111963 into the sphere. I lit up this sequence and the entire sphere, this man included, with silver-white light sent from my heart region – and was holding this image in my mind, giving it as much silver-white glow as I could, at the same time visualizing the end result: this young man quiet, calm and relaxed.
He started talking to me. I asked where he was from. He said, from Ecuador. In about 5minutes he got up from his seat and stood by the door, opposite the exit door, and stayed there. He stopped talking to himself, and was much quieter. I was still holding my control. Soon it was my stop. I went to the exit door. Before the train stopped the young man came up to me. He kissed me first on one cheek, then on the other and said in Russian with a funny pronunciation: “You are very nice.”(“Ты осень симпатисьная.”) I wished him all the best and got off.
I was so happy: such dramatic metamorphosis in his behavior within such a short time!

I used this sequence (14111963) for harmonizing situations many times. It never failed to work.

L. T.
January 28, 2017