To the Eternity through the Stargate

Each of us from childhood looked at the starry sky, admiring the soft silver light of mysterious distant stars, dreaming about distant worlds, about life on other planets, about intergalactic travels...
The stars have always attracted our attention as something beautiful, mysterious and deep in the cognition of the Universe, and may be someone arrived at an idea that unknown star expanse is so attracted to us because our inner world in many ways is formed depending on the external space. After all, everyone knows the saying: «As below, so above» or both outside and inside.
And here is a good illustration of this truth:


The figure on the left shows three neurons and connections between them. Picture is taken by Mark Miller, a scientist from the University of Brendeysa. Mark explores the connections between neurons.
The figure on the right is the picture of the universe, made by a group of astrophysicists. This is only a portion of the visible Universe, and it contains billions of galaxies and other celestial objects.
In order to catch and feel the connection between the inner and the outer world on your own experience, discover a new work of Grigori Grabovoi «Numbers of Stars for the Eternal Life».
This book is wonderful and exciting trip to distant constellations and galaxies and simultaneously journey inside yourself to normalizing of your health, your relationships, your events. That is the purpose of the voyage is the same, as well as the purpose of the Teachings of salvation and harmonious development - learn how to control all the outer space to assure the eternal life for everybody, for each person and in general for of the living. This is achieved by concentration in the fields of interaction of stars light and the human Soul. These areas of interaction are presented in the form of numerical series.
Actions for normalization of outer space can benefit the body greatly, as they make man`s body stronger, thus being able to faster ensure the conditions necessary for eternal healthy and harmonious life for himself and all others. If to make an analogy with the physical world, the work on controlling the space reminds of training with weights.

For the level of thinking such work leads to the fact that mental activity becomes stronger, brain tissue recovers faster. Applying the increasing resource of brain for the integration of different processes to achieve the eternal life, it`s possible to bring the reality into a guaranteed ensuring of eternal life to everybody. In such a strengthening of brain activity in the direction of eternal progression the clarity of Consciousness, that is not affected by external circumstances, increases and internally person starts stablier in various cases withstand the line of eternal life.
The reader can learn from the Introduction how to work with the book to control the external space for assurance of eternal life. Besides, in addition to each constellation the individual comments are given by the author, where there is the unique information for reflection. For example, in comments to the constellation Shield, in particular, such interesting information about reincarnation is given:
«The personalities having many reincarnations according to Buddhist area of collective consciousness, Souls are at the same distance from God and are united in the body of God together in the essence of eternal life, that is the same, but the Consciousness of these people is different, aimed at the realization of the same problems of eternal life. That is, in the area of Souls junction in the body of God, we may say that this is one Soul and it is manifested equally in physical bodies, but due to different Consciousnesses – these are different persons. As in the act of God, when He is everywhere, but the reality is varied.
Often, different Souls are close to each other regarding God. Then the people at the meeting say that they have met their Soul mate. However, the nearby Souls may not connect in the body of God, and then it's not the reincarnation of one Soul from God, but just close Souls. With the development of the information of resurrection and eternal life in the society all the described concepts which the collective consciousness has, will fundamentally be cognized. When exploring outer space it is obvious that the idea of the eternal Creator to make everything similar to Him is implemented. At present traveling in time is regarded primarily as increase in a resource of human genetics in the direction of eternal development».
The book is for a wide circle of readers interested in the questions of the universe in the direction of ensuring eternal life to all people.

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