Spiritual Body


    Eternal life in one and the same eternal physical body! What is it? A dream? A fantasy? A tale?

From now on Eternal Life is a reality. It is as real as for each of us is the existence here and now in our physical bodies.  

Why is it that mankind came to the conclusion that the departure from this life, from the existing physical body is normal? I don’t agree with that. For if we use logic and reason, I believe that those who are being engaged in a dialogue with me now when reading these lines, will support my point of view.


If someone thinks that the departure from life is a normal occurrence, then explain to me why it causes so much anguish, grief, suffering, tears of those who sincerely love the one who is departing? Why is it that even those who are critically ill, at Soul level do not want to leave, and cling to life to the last? It is because in the depth of their being all people know perfectly well that they have been created eternal, and only due to lack of the necessary knowledge have people had to a degree to put up with the existing situation.


         Eternal life is possible! If we exist here and now, nothing can prevent us from being here and now for infinite time. Essentially, Eternal life is the ability to re-create one’s own physical body every next moment of time an infinite number of times in physical reality.


In order to make this possible the cells of our bodies have to shift to a higher vibrational level of existence, to become indestructible, undamageable.


Such a mode of functioning of the physical body is called spiritual functioning.


 For our perception man’s spiritual physical body is the same dense physical matter as is the physical body. But its functioning does not any longer depend on the physiological processes. The spiritual body forms physiological processes on its own, and it forms them corresponding to God’s norm.


The concentration on the numbers given to us by Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi in his bookRecovery of Man`s Matter By Concentration On Number Rows” is the very method, the very technology that shifts the functioning of the physical body to the spiritual level. (The quotes below are from this book.)


Thus when concentrating on these numbers, the aim of control should be not just the restoration of health, not just prevention of possible health problems, but building the spiritual body.

We must realize that by means of this concentration we are learning to build our SPIRITUAL BODIES, capable of manifesting and re-creating our eternal, indestructible physical bodies in our physical reality. This is a significant step toward mastering Eternity of Life.


       It says in Method 9 of the concentration methods given in Grigori Grabovoi’s book “Recovery of Man`s Matter By Concentration On Number Rows”, vol. 1 & 2 that concentration in accordance with this method leads to the result when «… your perception develops your spirit, soul and physical body to the level whereby the creation of man’s matter occurs on the spiritual basis. The numbers bring about the spiritual state corresponding to the norm of man’s matter. ...

By creating the light waves corresponding to the norm of man’s matter through concentration on the numerical series you create a normally functioning man’s matter».


  In fact, having worked with all the numerical series given in these two volumes of the book, a person can attain by means of clear logical techniques – the methods, described in the introduction to the book, - such a spiritual state which enables him to form an indestructible eternal physical body.

«The spiritual impetus that creates man’s matter makes it possible to introduce new methods of regeneration. When restoring a person’s matter we must seek to develop the spiritual level to the state whereby a person’s matter is created and functions by means of a spiritual act together with a biological principle and the principals according to which events are formed.

Such a spiritual state in the course of implementation of the methods of eternal development must ensure complete regeneration of a person’s matter regardless of the initial data and /or circumstances».



Grigori Grabovoi’s book Recovery of Man`s Matter By Concentration On Number Rows, vol. 1 & 2 can be found by following the links below: (paperback)!/~/product/id=19087937  (pdf)


It is advisable, to perform concentration on matter regeneration concurrently with concentration on the numerical series for psychological normalization, for provided that the psychological state has been normalized, the Spiritual state that enables one to form an indestructible eternal physical body is organized much faster. Such a spiritual state implies absolute positivism in thinking (which means that the first response to any disharmonious situation must be towards its normalization), adherence to the principles “do not kill”, “do not destroy”, creativity in every action, discipline and perseverance, constancy to purpose.


In fact, attaining such a Spiritual state is not a one-time-only objective. Once a person attains such a Spiritual state he has to constantly maintain it, thus helping himself and all people to ensure eternal systematic safe harmonious development.


For example, by concentrating on the numerical series corresponding to the state “a self-actualized person” a person’s worldview, and his/her reaction pattern to any information are shaped in such a way that they aid him in maintaining such a Spiritual state forever.      


     SELF-ACTUALIZED PERSON191 317 481901 (self-actualizing person) - a person who has come to the level of self-actualization. He proves to be special, the one without the burden of numerous minor vices such as jealousy, anger, cynicism, and so forth; not prone to depression, pessimism and selfishness, etc. Such a person is distinguished by a high self-esteem, is tolerant of others, independent of conventionalities, unpretentious and democratic, has a philosophical sense of humor, is apt to experience peak feelings such as inspiration, etc.


You can find Grigori Grabovoi’s book  “Number series for psychological normalization by following these links:  (paperback) Book 1. (paperback) Book 2.!/~/product/id=24626940 (pdf)